Kindergarten Animal Projects: Days 1 and 2

Animal research projects are one of my favorite things to do in Kindergarten. The kids are really invested and they get so excited learning about the animals. This project also goes along with the Wonders unit 7 as well as completing our informational writing expectation.

DAY 1:

I start with modeling how to use with my students. If you are unfamiliar with PebbleGo it is an aweseome resource for primary students. It works well with Kindergarten because we have some non readers still and the program has audio ques and read alouds for the text.

I always give students time to explore when introducing a new app because it helps them become more independent on the device.

Day 2:

Day 2 we do a whole class writing project. There are several steps to this day. We focus on creating…

This year we chose turtles because we loved the turtle we learned how to draw on This is an amazing tool to help your students learn to draw. Don’t forget that expressing your thoughts with PICTURES and words is a Kindergarten standard!!!

I like to use this writing paper from The Moffatt Girls so students can self check their writing with the rubric.

After students draw the animal, we research it on the screen together. This serves two purposes. Students get to see me model the steps of how to use PebbleGo another time and it ensures everyone can get exposure to one fact about turtles to write about in our next step.


Homework 12/17/2018

HOMEWORK 12/17 and for BREAK

What are sight words?

We have been working on sight words since the beginning of the year. These words are important for your child to learn because they are the words that appear most often when reading. As the year progresses, we will be learning more and more sight words. Your child should have List A mastered fluently by this time of year. To see what reading sight words fluently looks like, check out Mrs. Caudill’s webpage. The biggest thing holding students back right from progressing their reading level is their sight word knowledge. Please practice the list with a STAR above it! Mrs. Caudill will check you when you come back from break and before report cards to see if progress has been made. Remember students should be at a levelC/D by the end of K!!!!  

See the sight words fluency video here! LINK