KSIP Reading Lesson Day 8 (3/25/2020)

Weekly Concept: My USA
Essential Question: What do you know about our country?

Reading Comprehension: 

  • Listen to the story “Larry Gets Lost in Texas” 
  • Comprehension: Pic your favorite place that Larry went and draw a picture of it. Write a sentence about your picture stating what your favorite place was.


  • In the story “Larry Gets Lost in Texas” we got to see different landmarks in Texas. One of the landmarks was the biggest pair of cowboy boots in the world! If KY had a huge landmark, what do you think it would be? The largest?????


Phonics/Word Work:

Since yesterday was so heavy in videos and online games, todays lessons will be some that you can make at home! Click the link below! You can use it with any skill level!

There are lots of other fun no tech ideas for working with sight words, letters, cvc words, and digraphs on this page! Check it out!!!!

Phonological Awareness: Syllables

Boom Cards! Click pic to access and use your Lexia log in!

Guided Reading:

Social Studies/Science: US Landmarks

Project Day 1: Make a list as a family of places in the USA you would like to visit. Just make a list of 3-5 places. You can write in your journal so you don’t lose the list. You will need it for later. 

Project Day 2: After you make a list of 3-5 places do a little research with your child! Use YouTube or google to look at each of the places and narrow your choices down to one place you would like to do a project on. 🙂 If you want to incorporate more writing you can have them draw or write a list of things they see in each place they find interesting. 🙂

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